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はじめに Introduction




Through my contacts with roses so far, I have come across their great diversity. Ever since aiming to become a rose breeder, I have begun to carefully observe their individualities. Now I am particularly drawn to the wild characteristics of the species roses, and I witness that every rose has its own personality.

Today we want roses to be robust and disease resistant. But even if a rose is vulnerable (in terms of health), I do not think it should be eliminated. Simply because the rose may be hiding some beautiful genes that have irreplaceable future potential.  All roses appear dear to me when I look at them in this respect.

Isn’t this the same for human beings? Every person has the potential for the future. The important thing is to observe and face yourself with others, and discover wonderful individualities there. Roses tell me that.

I would also like to work to realize a diverse, sustainable and peaceful society through roses.